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Anna Maria DiDio
Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author


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When my husband and I began our adoption journey over twenty years ago, we had no idea of what was in store for us. The myth of adoption had us hooked and after the pain and isolation of infertility, we were willing to give it a try. The journey took us to an orphanage in Mexico where we met a precocious six-year-old girl. The journal of our experience resulted in my memoir, Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure. Now I am writing children’s books with a mission to enhance communications between parents and children so that all blended families thrive!

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My memoir Love at the Border began with a trip to Mexico. Now the L.I.F.E.* Adventures Series of children's books is a collection of stories about one family's adoption journey.

*Love Inspires Families Everywhere


Audio Book Lovers...

Enjoy the fun & lively prologue
to my memoir
Love At The Border
Play Prologue

Snuggle Story:
A Read Aloud Video

Snuggle up with your young reader! Watch the Snuggle Story version of How I Wonder Where You Are. My book will come alive as you experience it in a read along video with animation. Let me know what you think. 

Narration and animation by Katie Penate, creator of Snuggle Stories.

Travel Writings & Essays on Medium

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How Anna Maria DiDio turned her adoption experience into a book series to help other families

Second Act Success Career Podcast w/ Shannon Russell EP#47

Jan 4, 2023

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I Just (Want to Adopt A Child )! Now What? With Anna Maria DiDio

I Just [Blank]! Now What? Ep 65. Hosted by Jessica Stephens

Oct 13, 2022

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Adoption with Anna Maria DiDio


Oct 1, 2022

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Anna Maria DiDio Shares her Journey of Adoption

Parenting With Confidence

Aug 24, 2022

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Many People to Love: Adoption, Foster Care, & Blended Families - Interview w/Anna Maria DiDio -

Fearless Parenting S3, E195/196/297

Jul 27, 2022


L.I.F.E.*  Services

* Love Inspires Families Everywhere

LIFE Services include...



Presentations for women’s and mom’s groups or events, with topics adapted to a specific theme

School Visits

Virtual Book Group Discussions

Facilitation of group discussions to accompany my books or other adoption literature

Virtual Writing Group Sessions

Assistance with documenting or memorializing your adoption experience

If interested, or if you have any questions, contact me directly:

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