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Anna Maria DiDio

"This book is an honest account of international adoption... a trustworthy narrative about the joys and difficulties of adoption, one from which prospective adoptive parents can read and learn."

NANCY VERRIER, author of

THE PRIMAL WOUND: Understanding the Adopted Child

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Help Women Around the World

Stay tuned! Soon I will have exciting news about how you can share in helping women at the border all over the world.

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Symposium on Empowerment for Women

February 22, 2020

9:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Villa Joseph Marie High School

Holland, PA

Women's Author Panel
November 12, 2020
6 - 8 PM

Pyramid CLub

Philadelphia, PA




Two of the most important organizations in my life are Ministerios De Amor - who brought Priscilla to us - and WIL, Women International Leaders of Greater Philadelphia. WIL provides micro-finance loans and giving circle grants to women in developing countries. For both organizations, a little goes such a long way. Please consider donating whatever you can give to help these organizations.  Let's show our love for women at the border - all over the world!



For over twenty years, Anna Maria DiDio has devoted her time and talents to many non-profit organizations focusing on women, girls, and families in the US and developing countries. She is the mother of two young wonderful women and loves to cook, shop and watch movies with them – together or separately – depending on any number of mitigating factors.


Anna Maria is at her most creative when she is traveling and experiencing new people, places and things to eat and then writing about it! She will never say no to a chocolate chip cookie and lives in Philadelphia with her husband Richard.

Anna Maria's travel writing and other essays can be found on The Bean's Talk – her Medium publication.

Contact:  anna@amdidio.com
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