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Anna Maria DiDio

Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author


Hello! I am so glad you have joined me in learning about adoption trauma, separation, grief and most of all...LOVE!

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Twenty years ago, the myth of adoption had me hooked and I was unprepared for the journey ahead. My mission in writing children's books is to encourage open conversation about adoptee love and loss so that all blended families thrive! When reading together, allow your child to express honest emotions and feelings. All of the events in my books have been inspired by our own family experience, chronicled in my memoir – Love at the Border. Please explore the books and the resources here and experience your own adventure.

Reach out at any time with feedback or questions using the Contact form. Please follow me on social media as well.  

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My memoir Love at the Border began with a trip to Mexico. Now the L.I.F.E.* Adventures Series of children's books is a collection of stories about one family's adoption journey.

*Love Inspires Families Everywhere

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The L.I.F.E. Adventures Series

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Book 1: Understanding Adoption Trauma

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Book 2: Recognizing Adoptee Grief

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Book 3: Building Adoptee Confidence and Identity

Audio Book Lovers...

FREE: Enjoy the fun & lively
prologue to my memoir
Love At The Border

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Snuggle Story: A Read Aloud Video

Snuggle up with your young reader! Watch the Snuggle Story version of How I Wonder Where You Are. My book will come alive as you experience it in a read-along video with animation.

Narration and animation by Katie Penate,

creator of Snuggle Stories.

Writings on

Hat, Haircut, and Tattoo Decisions: Then and Now

Which kind of decision-maker are you?

Life in the Variable Lane

How a quilt and COVID brought me back to my daughter

Love at the Border

An Adoption Memoir from Mexico

Should Adoption Be Abolished?

This extremist view has a legit back story

Why Barbie Was Never Going to Speak to My Child

The one playtime decision that affirmed our blended family

Bolivia — Rich in Resources and Resilient Women

Empowering Women in South America

My Catholic Girl Seder

Is church membership necessary for the familiarity and comfort that religious rituals provide ?

Accept Adoptee Anger

Five ways to help you and your child cope

Determined Guatemalan Women

Microfinance at work in Latin America

All writings on 


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Anna Maria DiDio, Adoptive Parent, Children's Book Author–Recognizing Trauma in an Adopted Child

Mind Your Own Karma–The Adoption Chronicles, hosted by Melissa Brunetti, S3E8

Feb 20, 2024

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Anna Maria DiDio – Author, Speaker – Adoption

Win Win Women TV, hosted by Nancy White

Feb 8, 2024

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Anna Maria DiDio, Adoption Author, Pts 1 & 2

Dr. Paul's Family Talk Radio, E63 & 64

Jan 25, 2024

Part 2  (Aired on Feb 1, 2024)

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Every Adoption Begins With Trauma, Loss, and Grief! With Author Anna Maria DiDio

Anchors of Encouragement Podcast w/ Tim Maudlin; Episode 101

Nov 29, 2023

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Unconventional Paths to Family: Author Anna Maria DiDio's Journey Through Miscarriage, Divorce, and Adoption

Navigating Baby Loss with Jennifer Senn: Episode 58

Aug 17, 2023


L.I.F.E.*  Services

* Love Inspires Families Everywhere

LIFE Services include... 


Presentations for women’s and mom’s groups or events, with topics adapted to a specific theme

School Visits

Virtual Book Group Discussions

Facilitation of group discussions to accompany my books or other adoption literature

Virtual Writing Group Sessions

Assistance with documenting or memorializing your adoption experience

If interested, or if you have any questions, contact me directly:

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