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Anna Maria DiDio

Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author

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Anna Maria DiDio, Adoptive Parent, Children's Book Author–Recognizing Trauma in an Adopted Child

Mind Your Own Karma–The Adoption Chronicles, hosted by Melissa Brunetti, S3E8

February 20, 2024

Anna Maria DiDio, MSW is an adoptive mother and children’s
author whose adoption-themed books encourage open and honest conversation between parents and children. Anna Maria’s L.I.F.E.* Adventures children’s book series feature stories about adoption from the point of view of the child. It all started with her memoir, Love at the Border.

Anna Maria DiDio – Author, Speaker – Adoption

Win Win Women TV, hosted by Nancy White

February 8, 2024

My guest on Wednesday Feb 7, 2024, is Anna Maria DiDio, MSW - who is an adoptive mother and children’s author whose adoption-themed books encourage open and honest conversation between parents and children.

We are going to discuss -
Trauma is part of every adoption, this trauma affects the whole family. With open communication, blended families can thrive.

Anna Maria DiDio, Adoption Author, Pts 1 & 2

Dr. Paul's Family Talk Radio, E63 & 64

January 25, 2024

Join Paul W. Reeves, Ed.D - a longtime teacher and school principal, and the father of three children - and his guests, as they discuss the world of parenting your children, from birth through age 100! Also included are excerpts and discussions of Paul's parenting book, "A PRINCIPAL'S FAMILY PRINCIPLES - Raising Your Kids to Be Happy and Healthy, While Enjoying Them to the Fullest".

On today's show, in addition to reading the chapter, "Adolescent Depression" from his book, sharing wisdom from others, and a bit of humor, Paul played Part 1 of his interview with ANNA MARIA DIDIO.
Part 2 aired on Feb 1, 2024. Here is the link to that episode:

Every Adoption Begins With Trauma, Loss, and Grief! With Author Anna Maria DiDio

Anchors of Encouragement Podcast w/ Tim Maudlin; Episode 101

November 29, 2023

“My message to parents is this is okay. These things will work out over time. This is going to happen. This is not personal. That's not a personal attack on your cooking or anything. These are messages. These are ways in which the child perhaps needs to assert herself or communicate her initial reluctance....
(Today) she’s a college graduate. She has a wonderful job, and she’s a productive member of this community. She’s loving and caring.

All of these things took time, but these were the hurdles that we were seeing and not reacting very well to.”

Hi Neighbor,

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to my neighbor from Philadelphia, Anna Maria DiDio. Anna Maria is an adoptive mother and children’s author whose adoption-themed books encourage open and honest conversations between parents and children.

Grab a notebook and pen. This is a much-needed conversation in the adoption space.

Navigating Baby Loss with Jennifer Senn: Episode 58

Unconventional Paths to Family: Author Anna Maria DiDio's Journey Through Miscarriage, Divorce, and Adoption

Navigating Baby Loss with Jennifer Senn: Episode 58

August 17, 2023

What if you found strength in the face of multiple miscarriages, a divorce, and the lengthy path to adoption?

Our guest for this episode, Anna Maria de Dio, did just that. She takes us through her decade-long journey navigating the ups and downs of life, a testament to her resilience and determination. Not only did Anna Maria conquer personal hardships, but she also successfully integrated her adopted daughter into her family unit, and she's here to share how she did it.

Books: Anna Maria DiDio Discusses Adoption

The Fair Parenting Podcast, Episode 22

June 25, 2023

Today our guest is Anna Maria DiDio.

Her parenting journey began with infertility struggles, which were isolating and sent her into depression. After two miscarriages, she was blessed with a baby girl, but adding to her family proved impossible.

That's how she found herself at an orphanage in Mexico, to meet a six-year-old girl who she adopted. Inspired by that journey, she wrote a memoir called Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure.

Traditionally orphanages are portrayed negatively however Anna Maria speaks warmly of her experience in Mexico and of the Ministerios de Amor shelters which have changed the way Mexico cares for children.

She has also written the ‘L.I.F.E. Adventures’ series of children's books, featuring stories about adoption and foster care. The books cover topics such as trauma, attachment, identity, and grief. Anna Maria’s mission is for parents and educators to use these stories as an effective tool to open up the discussion about adoption, foster care and the love within blended families.

The New Mama Mentor® - Allison Lieberman - E39

Adventures through Adoption with Anna Maria DiDio

The New Mama Mentor® w Allison Lieberman, Episode 39

January 3, 2023

Anna Maria DiDio, MSW, is an adoptive mother and was inspired to write her memoir, Love at the Border, An Adoption Adventure, after her family journey. Now her L.I.F.E.* Adventures Series of children’s books feature stories about adoption from the point of view of the child. Anna Maria hopes that her books encourage open and honest exploration about what children are thinking and feeling within their own unique family. She can be found at home in Philadelphia walking everywhere, swimming laps, reading biographies, or baking chocolate chip cookies except when traveling to new and exciting places with her husband Richard.

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How Anna Maria DiDio turned her adoption experience into a book series to help other families

Second Act Success Career Podcast w/ Shannon Russell EP#47

January 3, 2023

After a long and fulfilling career in corporate HR, Anna Maria DiDio decided to follow her heart and embrace her passion project. Following years of infertility, DiDio and her husband decided to pursue international adoption. Their lovely little girl joined their family from Mexico, but in the process Anna Maria learned that her joy was her daughter’s trauma. For her Second Act, Anna Maria has turned to writing, publishing a memoir about the international adoption process, as well as a series of children's books dedicated to opening communication about the tricky emotions, transitions and coping needed in adoptive or foster families.

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