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Anna Maria DiDio

Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author

Many People to Love

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All adoptions begin with the trauma of separation and loss.

Within an adoptive family, there are joyous feelings and loving emotions, but there can also be sadness and maybe even anger. A unique book about adoption, Many People to Love is told from the point of view of the adopted child and explores the seesaw of responses when acclimating to a new family. 


All Carla ever wanted was a family. But when she was adopted, her new home felt different and strange. There were so many confusing and mixed-up feelings inside of her as she adjusted to unfamiliar food, language and culture - missing all of the things that she used to do. Will Carla ever feel at home? Will she learn to love her new family?


Many People to Love is the perfect tool for parents who may struggle to comprehend the challenges of an adopted child. This touching, heartwarming book communicates that ultimately, the love of family wins!

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