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Anna Maria DiDio

Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author

How I Wonder Where You Are

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Award Winning!

2022 Five Stars Readers' Favorite Award


"A heart-warming children's book filled with the themes of empathy and understanding...parental love can come in many forms, and Anna Maria DiDio demonstrates that in spades through this book.  Illustrator Tatiana Lobanova brings the characters to life by splashing the pages with colors and some beautifully drawn artwork...Overall, a beautiful story for children and parents alike."

Reviews by Pikasho Deka for Readers' favorite (Nov 2022)

2023 1st Place Purple Dragonfly Book Award - Family Matters 


The Purple Dragonfly Book Award Contest is a worldwide book competition celebrating stories that are original, innovative, and creative in content and design. 


Recognizing the emotions of adoption separation and loss

In How I Wonder Where You Are, Carla is an adopted child, wondering about her identity and roots. She can’t help but wonder where she came from, and who she looks like. When tasked with a FAMILY TREE assignment at school, questions about her first mom and the path that led her to this new life become even more prominent in Carla’s mind. 


Adoptees often struggle to discover their own identity while fearing the disapproval and abandonment of the adoptive family. Will Carla ever truly love her new family? This sensitive children’s book explores the hidden or disenfranchised grief that comes with adoption and is appropriate for adopted and foster children of all ages. 

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