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Anna Maria DiDio

Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author

Carla the Conqueror

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A children’s book about overcoming anxiety to read aloud

Carla loves to read, but never out loud! When her teacher Mrs. Brooks asks for volunteers to read to the class, Carla raises her hand too quickly, but then is panicked. She has never read out loud in class before. Practicing with sister Sarah at home, Carla’s mistakes make her even more nervous. When it’s finally time to read to the class, Carla finds herself unable to do it. She thinks she knows the perfect solution, but will it work? Find out in this heartwarming and uplifting story about courage and discover how Carla finds the strength to conquer her fear.


This book also has top five reminders to parents and teachers for confidence building. See also my "FREEBIES" page for a fun positive affirmation worksheet that will help your child build confidence and resilience.


If you enjoy stories about taking action to solve problems, you'll love this inspiring story of a young girl's journey to self-confidence in reading aloud.

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