Please Donate!

Help Women Around the World

Two of the most important organizations in my life are Ministerios De Amor - who brought Priscilla to us - and WIL, Women International Leaders of Greater Philadelphia. WIL provides micro-finance loans and giving circle grants to women in developing countries. For both organizations, a little goes such a long way. Please consider donating whatever you can give to help these organizations.  Let's show our love for women at the border - all over the world!


WIL leadership is excited to announce the formation of a GIVING CIRCLE. A Giving Circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where a group comes together and pools their funds to support a cause. If you are interested in changing the lives of women and girls around the world, consider a donation to our giving circle. Membership in WIL is not required.


More information about WIL and our giving circle can be found at wil-gp.org

Ministries of Love was born out of love for the most marginalized population in the country: children at risk. Our goal is to ensure that these children, including those rescued from the streets, orphans and children of prisoners are reintegrated into society as safe, independent and productive people.

Ministries of Love provides comprehensive assistance, that is, a loving home to live in; academic and moral education; medical and psychological care and recreational activities. This year we celebrate 32 years of uninterrupted work, which means entire generations of rescued children. Visit their website to make a donation.