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Love at the Border: An
Adoption Adventure

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Shattered by infertility, Anna Maria knew that adoption was the only way to realize the family of her dreams. That is how she found herself in a Mexican orphanage ready to meet a six-year-old girl. Once in their forever home, her new daughter cried and pleaded to return to the women who had cared for her since birth. Anna Maria was devastated.

This moving memoir reveals the realities of adoption and a mother's struggle in breaking down barriers to give and receive love. Love at the Border shares intimate family moments with candor and honesty.

Anna Maria’s surprising journey answers the questions: How does an adopted child attach to a new family? How and when does a family recover from the trauma and loss that are a part of all adoption adventures?


There is no formula for happily ever after. Mother and daughter build a relationship—one sometimes painful, one sometimes playful step at a time.

A must-read for all those who have loved and lost, this deeply personal chronicle is a powerful testament to faith, family, and our need to belong.

"This book is an honest account of international adoption...a trustworthy narrative about the joys and difficulties of adoption, one from which prospective adoptive parents can read and learn."

NANCY VERRIER, author of
Understanding the Adopted Child

Audio book lovers:
Enjoy the fun & lively prologue to
my memoir Love At The Border
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Anna Maria DiDio
Bestselling Adoption & Children's Book Author

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